Retezat & The 82 Glaciar Lakes – Discover the charming land of the blue eyes Mountain
Retezat & The 82 Glaciar Lakes – Discover the charming land of the blue eyes Mountain
Retezat & The 82 Glaciar Lakes – Discover the charming land of the blue eyes Mountain

The Retezat Mountain Range
A guided trip in the charming land of glaciar lakes
 – 4 days trip –

Maybe the most beautiful mountain in Romania, Retezat, the blue eyes mountain.


Retezat is the most complex and magnificent mountain massif in all sectors of the Romanian Carpathians.. Originality lies in the existence of spectacular alpine increase above 2000 m high and a sculptural relief in which traces were printed two major glaciations (Riss and Wurm), making the existence of a strong observed climate modeling, as stage (Alpine erosion platform Borascu River plain, Gornoviţa).
National reservation Retezat – Biosphere Reserve is located in the western Carpathians, covering an area of ​​38,138 ha of Retezat-Godeanu.
In its interior there are twenty peaks over 2000 m and over 80 glacial lakes, including the largest glacial lake in the country. The park is renowned for its diversity of flora and fauna, home to nearly 1190 species of higher plants, 130 rare or vulnerable plant, 50 mammal species, 168 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles, amphibians 5 species.

Medium-hard difficulty due to longer routes but does not raise technical issues. However, tourists participants must have a good physical condition and have minimal experience on the mountain.
Attention! Specific high mountains, we can expect a sudden worsening of weather!

Services included:
– English/French/Spanish speaking guide during the entire trip
– Transfer by minibus or car depending on the number of participants
– Chalet accommodation – half board

The price does not include:
– Other meals than those specified in the program
– Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
– Any other services required by tourists, or any additional services not specified in the program due to force majeure (ex costs arising from the extension of stay due to bad weather)



Day 1 – Transfer with private bus from Brasov or Sibiu, to Retezat National Park
Brasov – Sibiu -Hateg – Ohaba de sub Piatra – Cârnic.
Here begins our expedition in Retezat, the first National Park established in Romania, one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Romania. Here are the most glacial lakes in the country, among them being the deepest, Zanoaga, the largest, Bucura, or Taul Portii – the highest altitude lake.
From Carnic we will start the ascent to Chalet Pietrele at 1.480m, entering the Retezat National Park.
About 2 hours trek. Accommodation at chalet Pietrele, and dinner.

Day 2: Retezat Peak – 7-9 hours trek
Breakfast, then strating the trek.
Chalet Pietrele – Lolaia ridge – Retezat peak 2.482m – here we reach the limit of the Scientific Reserve – Retezat saddle – Stanisoara Valley – Pietrele Chalet
Total trek 7-9 hours
Accommodation and Dinner
Alternative trek for day 2:
Pietrele Valley – Bucura Ridge 2.206m – Bucura Peak II 2.372m – Bucura Peak I 2.334m – Bucura Gate – descending in Bucura Valley -Taul Portii lake 2260m, the highest lake in the Carpathians – the chain of lakes Taul Agatat, Florica, Viorica, Ana, Lia – Bucura, the largest glacier lake in the Carpathians – Pietrele Valley – Pietrele Chalet. Total trek time 8 – 12 hours

Day 3: Peleaga Peak – 10-12 hours trek
Breakfast and then another beautiful trail.
Pietrele Valley – Bucurei saddle-back – Peleaga Ridge 2509m, the highest peak in Retezat mountains
– Pelegii saddle – Papusa Peak 2508m – Portile inchise – Galesului Valley – Pietrele Chalet.
Total trek time: 10-12 hours
Accommodation at Pietrele chalet, and dinner.

Day 4: A short trek and then return home.
Breakfast then a short nice trek: Pietrele Chalet – Galesului Valley – Taul dintre Brazi Lake – Pietrele Chalet. Total trek 3-4 hours.
Descending to Cârnic village.
Bus and return home.
On the way back to Brasov or Sibiu, we will visit Hateg Bison Reserve and/or Alba Iulia Citadel City.


Maybe the most beautiful mountain in Romania, Retezat, the blue eyes mountain.


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