Macin Mountains Muntii Macinului
Macin Mountains – trekking the oldest mountains in Romania
Macin Mountains – trekking the oldest mountains in Romania

Explore Macin Mountains – Trekking on the oldest mountains in Romania
3 or 4 days trip – easy hiking 

Macin Mountains were formed about 300-400 million years ago as compared to the younger Carpathian Mountains which took the present shape “only” 65 million years ago. With a rich fauna and flora, and also breathtaking granit landscapes, the Macin Mountains are a great target for the nature lover or the passionate geologist or photographer
On different levels of vegetation, between 7 and 467 m – the hightest point, Tutuiatu Peak, we meet the unique steppe landscapes on the slopes, followed by forests with oak, flowering ash, hornbeam and downy oak, leading to bushes on the peaks and cliffs, and steppe-looking alpine meadows.
We offer you two variants of guided trips, 3 or 4 days – transport, meals and logging included.
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  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Difficulty: easy hike
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